Eric Krogh

    Artist, Designer, Model Maker, Sculptor, Wood Worker, MIG and TIG Welding, SolidWorks

    Props, Models and Displays built for:
    Walt Disney Feature Animation
    Spectral Motion
    James Cameron
    Jerry Bruckheimer
    Children's Museum of Phoenix

    Designed and made Custom Wood Work for personal residences.

    Quality is number one for Me.
    Build things of quality and durability when ever possible

    I have the flexibility to work from my own fabrication shop for small jobs or can work from your facility if the project requires.

    Phoenix Arizona
    2003- present Custom Cabinet Maker, Museum Display and Exhibit Creator, Trade Show Displays, Custom Gates, Doors, Stairs, Furniture, Custom Fabrication and Prop Building.

    9 years Building Models in Hollywood for Major Motion Picture Studios, Television Shows and Commercials.

    Walt Disney Feature Animation
    2 years Live Action Visual Effects, Disney's The Secret Lab until the Entire Division was eliminated and outsoursed to forign countries in 2002.

    Dream Quest Images
    2 years Subcontractor for Walt Disney Company eventually became Disney's The Secret Lab in 2000.

    Brazil Fabrication and Design
    3 years Subcontractor for Paramount's Star Trek Deep Space Nine Visual Effects until it was dissolved in 1997.

    Member of the Animation Union Local 832 in LA.
    Gives me access to but does not limit me to union jobs.

  • Reign of Fire: London Streets, Parliament, Miniature landscape, Convoy.
  • Shanghai Noon: Locomotive, Miniature landscape for locomotive.
  • Mission to Mars: Mother ship.
  • My Favorite Martian: Mars Rover.
  • Titanic: Mire Submarines, ROV's, Engine Room.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Various shuttle craft, space stations, Details of DS9.
  • Men in Black: Interior of morphed car.

  • University of Missouri, Kansas City - Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design/Painting
  • SolidWorks Mesa Community College
  • Welding MIG and TIG Mesa Community College, Have own Equipment

References Available Upon Request

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